Classroom management

Organizing groups

We organise our groups based on age, so we have a mini, small, middle and big group and a school preparatory group.

classroom managementWe try to arrange it so that the groups are no more than 10 or 12, so one teacher takes care of only 4-5 children. In each group there are two teachers working with the children during the entire schoolday.

In a child’s life continuity and maintaining emotional relationships is important, therefore we try to keep the same teacher with the same group year after year.

Our activity sessions last from 20 to 25 minutes depending on the age of the children. In accordance with our Educational program each week we work on different topics; using folk tales, poems, songs, mathematics, science, arts and crafts and gymnastics in a playful way. We aim to make the children happy and to find joy in play, learning, movement and creativity.

In the kindergarten the afternoon "nap" is not compulsory therefore those who are not sleeping can take part in individual activities and speech therapy to enhance their general levels.

From the age of 5 there are two Hungarian lessons a week, which helps them deepen their knowledge and helps in the preparation for school.

Schedule of the Mother Goose kindergarten

08.00-08.30 Arrival to kindergarten, free playing time
08.30-08.45 Breakfast
09.00-10.30 Circle time, activities, or swim/ski classes/ ice skating/
10.30-11.45 Outdoor activities
12.00-12.30 Lunch time
12.45-13.15 Story time
13.15-14.45 Nap time or resting, activities for non-sleeping children
15.00-15.30 Snack
15.30-16.00 Afternoon activities, preferably in the garden
16.00-17.00 Playing time "til parents" arrival


Mother Goose alapítványi magánóvoda Budapest 12. kerület

1121 Budapest, Széchényi emlékút 22. (Melinda út 19.)

Open hours weekdays 7:00-17:00

Information about the kindergarten

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