School preparation

Preparing for school at Mother Goose Kindergarten

We want to help our preschoolers adapt to school life easily, avoiding the opportunities of failure created by new challenges. That is why our kindergarten operates a pre-school program.

We help to achieve school maturity in the following areas:

Achieving physical development

  • with proper meals,
  • exercises,
  • staying in the fresh air,
  • swimming,
  • skating,
  • skiing,
  • with children's yoga,
  • by developing fine-motor skills

Psychic-mental development

  • transfer of complex knowledge,
  • systematization of knowledge,
  • seeing connections in mathematics, music, rhymes, dramatization, science, arts and craft activities,
  • with games that develop concentration, and endurance

Social development

  • independence,
  • cooperation,
  • adaptation,
  • keeping rules,
  • task consciousness,

developing by role-plays, boardgames (keeping rules).

You can read more about our school preparation program here.

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