Mother Goose kindergarten in the 12. district, Budapest

Why to choose Mother Goose Kindergarten?

Why to choose Mother Goose Kindergarten?


Because with us your children:

  • develop in a child-centered environment
  • feel safe in the family atmosphere
  • can spend their days on the top of Széchenyi-hill in nice surroundings and fresh air
  • develop using all of their senses
  • develop in an individual way at their own pace
  • learn spontaneously in an easy-learning atmosphere
  • learn English in a play-centered, natural way

Our aims, educational principles

Our aims, educational principles


Our Kindergarten creates versatile, harmonious personality development through play and complex activities taking into account the child's individual needs. 

The basic principles behind our educational aims and tasks: 

  • Educational tendentiousness
  • Graded variation of approach
  • Playfulness
  • Differentiation
  • Inclusive approach
  • Equal access

Programs and services

Programs and services


Our Kindergarten provides different programmes and services for both children and parents. We have swimming classes weekly in our own pool with a qualified instructor.

Children can attend ski classes, and ice skating classes being returned to the Kindergarten by hired bus.

Since 2010 our teachers are giving yoga and foot gymnastics classes which helps develop the children’s physical and inner strength, preventing problems with posture and concentration.


The task of our education is to develop and improve our children’s personalities, to prepare them for life.

Professional assistance

We have the professional assistance of a speach therapist, a child psychologist and a pediatrician who are also monitoring the children to help us in our work.

A Mother Goose alapítványi ovódában ksézült gyerekrajz


School preparation is playful and fun, according to the age of a child.

Mother Goose kindergarten in Budapest, at the XII. district for children with heart and soul

Dear Mums and Dads,

Is it important for you that in the early stages of your child’s life he can learn  in an environment where people care for their development and individual needs? If you would like to enrol your child into a kindergarten of high standards and also with family atmosphere, then this is the place you are looking for! Don't hesitate, come and visit us!

alapítványi magánóvoda

TAX 1% - A Little help from the Big Ones to the Little Ones

Our Foundation has the opportunity to accept the 1% of the personal income tax. Thank you for all your support in advance on behalf of Children and MGN Team!

Sponsored's name:

Tyúkanyó Óvodanevelési Alapítvány A Gyermekekért
Tax No.: 18248876-1-43
Address: 1121 Budapest Melinda út 19.

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The Education Act specifies that kindergarden may not start to operate without Licenses. Before opening the kindergarden, we consulted  several experts to create an environment which meets even the highest  standards, including even those of the EU. We received lots of help from the specific authorities, for which we are very thankful. To get more information on the licenses and requirements regarding Operation, please feel free to contact us.

We would suggest that you inquire about these operating licenses, before you enrol your child in any private institution.

Alapítványi magánóvodánkban készült gyerekfestmény
Mother Goose alapítványi magánóvoda Budapest 12. kerület

1121 Budapest, Széchényi emlékút 22. (Melinda út 19.)

Open hours weekdays 7:00-17:00

Information about the kindergarten

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