A few thoughts about those first days

The first occasion when the child comes to the kindergarten and meets the people and objects there almost always has a fundamental impact on their later attitude towards the kindergarten. Children may have different feelings about the kindergarten. At this age, any emotion has to be considered natural. It is important for the teacher to find – with the help of the parent – the easiest way to win the child’s confidence.

When children go to the kindergarten, getting accustomed requires care, patience and affection. Getting accustomed usually proceeds as dictated by the needs of the child; the daily activities and established habits of the other children, however, need to be considered. An ideal solution in our opinion is that the child’s mother can spend the morning of the first day together with the child in the kindergarten, and that in the following days she can provide security from the background.
This means that if the child is tired and cries, the mother has the possibility to calm the child and be together with him/her.

If getting accustomed is reasonably smooth, the child may also spend the following days alone in the kindergarten . Sadness and a few teardrops when saying good-bye in the morning are only natural, and can be expected to go on for some time. We thank you for your understanding and patience. We are always at your disposal for questions regarding getting accustomed to the kindergarten, and are always willing to share our thoughts on the matter. During the day, you may request information about your child on the phone – in person – any time; we will always give an honest answer to your questions.