Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the fastest way to get to the kindergarten?
Please visit “Contact us” on our website where you can find a map that shows the easiest way to get to the kindergarten.

2. Who deals with the children? 
Certified professionals take care of the children, like kindergarten teacher, nurse, assistants, speech therapist, swim trainer and ski trainer

3. Why is it worth for the Hungarian children to apply? 
Because we are an English-Hungarian kindergarten and beside the mother tongue the child can learn another language at the same time.

4. Does the kindergarden provide regular medical examination? 
Yes, we have a resident pediatrician, and nurse who visits us  and gives the children a physical check-up.

5. Is there a car park near the kindergarten? 
Yes, in front of the kindergarten there is car parking.

6. How important is hygiene? 
It is important to teach the importance of cleanliness and hygiene.

7. How often do you organize cultural programs for the children? 
We organise all kinds of cultural programs every other Fridays and we also have season tickets for theatre.

8. What language level can the children reach in three-years-time? 
By the end of the first year children will have passive vocabulary, will understand everything and will be able to give yes/no answer. According to our experience by the end of the kindergarten age most children will speak fluently.

9. How do I register my child?
Parents usually come and visit us in person and get acquainted with our staff. They are asked to complete the application form and provide a doctor’s certificate

If you have further questions please write to: