Our kindergarten provides different programmes and services for both children and parents.

We have swimming classes weekly in our own pool with a qualified instructor.

Children can attend ski classes, and ice skating classes being returned to the kindergarten by hired bus.

Our teachers are giving yoga and foot gymnastics classes which helps develop the children’s physical and inner strength, preventing problems with posture and concentration.

speech therapist supports our work in the kindergarten when necessary. Every year, in September, they carry out testing, which may be followed up if requested to assist in their development.

In the middle group we also have Hungarian classes for Hungarian speakers, which helps them to understand better those things which they study and broadens their vocabulary. Through these classes they get to understand Hungarian culture and develop their mother-tongue through folk songs, poems, tales and traditional games.

We prepare the children to ease the transition between kindergarten and school depending on their age and development. These processes of preparing children for school are included in kindergarten education (physical, psychological-mental, social) which enables easy adaptation to school life and helps them to achieve and become sufficiently mature.  ► click here for further information 

If necessary we do individual tutoring.

Each year we do the schools test to assess the children’s aptitude  and follow their progress towards a place in school.

The kindergarden will look after the children after the registered time for an additional fee.


At the parents’ request we can organise birthday parties for the children which may include a clown or other special performers. Would you like such a party? We will plan it, organise it, and will be there to supervise the children and even clean up! Our party service will keep them busy and is very entertaining. We also allow them to use the playground.


For further information please call us at least a week before the event on (36)1-391-7227.

Our celebrations, holidays and traditional customs, our visits to the theatre and trips, make the kindergarten very colourful.

At the final performance at the end of the year, at Christmas, at Harvest festival and on Mothers’ Day we welcome the parents and relatives.

During the year Aunt Autumn, Santa Claus and Mother Earth and the Spring Fairy visit us and we also celebrate, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Carnival. We visit the nearby fire station, bakery and dental practice.

Each year we organise a Summer Camp. ► For further details click here.